Go from Bumble to the Bedroom

Master the touch that makes her melt.

A guide for men who want deeper intimacy with women.

Is that you?

Every guy who is either dating or in a relationship should read this. There is a lot of value in what Elizabeth says.


35, British Columbia, Canada

Are you dating or in a relationship?

Would you love to be the guy she brags about to her friends?

Do you wish your physical connections with women were more fulfilling?

Change your intimacy experience - and hers too!

This guide will teach you:

  • Simple skills needed to make a connection.
  • Ways to touch a woman so she feels safe and sexy.
  • The most common mistake most men make in bed—and how to fix it.

Imagine being calm, poised, and present with any woman. . . at every stage of intimacy especially in the bedroom.

Let me teach you how to confidently connect and actually touch her.

In addition to the guide, you will receive an invitation to join my free private Facebook group for men where i offer many amazing intimacy resources.

Who am I?

Touch Guru. Ally to Men. Creator of Connection. I will teach you how to touch a woman so she craves more of you.

I’m Elizabeth Anneka and I have a confession. 

I love men. 

I love how hard you try and the deep desire you have to please women.

Consider me your ally in all things touch.

One of the best lovers I’ve had was someone I would never have guessed beforehand.
He was unassuming, bookish, and relatively inexperienced.

But he just knew how to get to the core of a woman’s pleasure…

...and that’s precisely what I intend to teach you.

With me, you get a woman’s perspective you won’t get anywhere else.

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