The Art of Touch

Unlock the Power to Please

Do You…

  • Wonder if she likes how you’re touching her?
  • Second-guess yourself or feel self-conscious when you’re with her?
  • Feel unmet in the bedroom, where you try so hard to give pleasure but receive little in return?
  • Think because every woman likes different things, it’s impossible to know how to please them all?


  • Knowing what she wants before she does.
  • Feeling confident, present, and playful between the sheets.
  • Pleasing a woman—and yourself—without worrying about it.
  • Feeling comfortable talking about sex and asking her what she wants.

6 Weeks to Better Touch & Sex Starts Here!

  • Explore the specific ways to touch a woman at each stage of dating to turn her on.
  • Discover the things you have been overlooking in the bedroom that she really wants.
  • Run the bases like a man instead of stumbling over them like a 13-year-old boy.
  • Rewire what you’ve been taught about what women want. (Hint: it’s not what you see in porn).
  • Learn how to help a woman feel safe, comfortable, and happy in your bed.
  • Bring out the best lover in both of you.
  • Explore how YOU like to be touched so your pleasure doesn’t take a backseat to hers.
  • Get the low-down on consent in the Me Too era (hint: it’s more than “she didn’t say no”).
  • Discover the specific places and ways women wish you’d touch them more.
  • Learn specific phrases to check in with her that sound smooth.

Why Take This Course?

Because afterward, you’ll know as much — or more — about how she likes to be touched as she knows herself!

In our culture, we're not taught how to openly talk about what we want in intimate settings. Let’s change that!

What you receive:

  • Signature step-by-step sequences to take you from confused to confident.
  • Weekly live virtual trainings with mindset and skill-building exercises.
  • A community of trustworthy men to learn from and grow with.
  • Complimentary pass to Sex & Coffee Women’s Panel and all guest speakers.
  • Support from like-minded men where you can exchange ideas, vent, ask advice, and get help.
  • Current resources and strategies for the modern dating journey, including texting and matching.
  • Specific exercises to find, build, and hone your confidence in the bedroom.
  • Connection to a woman (me) who cares about you and wants you to ROCK the intimacy scene.
  • A woman's honest feedback so you can end the struggle of not understanding women.
  • Specific advice for every stage of intimacy so you can give your woman the touch she craves.

Here’s what we cover:

The Magic Spots

Specific, tactical advice on where, when, and how to touch the essential parts of a woman’s body that almost all men ignore. Stop the guess work and experience certainty. It’s not rocket science, I promise!

Consent & Communication

Master verbal and nonverbal communication so you feel confident you’re making contact when, where, and how she wants. Discover the questions and statements that crack open intimacy in an uplifting way.

Touch Mini-Experiments

Don’t like playing the guessing game? Position yourself as the leader in the bedroom while learning her turn-on tells. I teach you this straightforward technique to get all the data you want about where she wants you to touch her next.

How to Kiss

Use location, communication, body position, and eye contact in your favor. Practice lip-tension techniques so you’re set up for the best kiss of her—and your—life! Plus: find out the simple ‘tell’ that will let you know she wants you to kiss her.

Dealing with ED

It happens to every guy at least once. Discover how to work with your body so it doesn’t ruin the mood. Embody confidence regardless of outcome. Learn what women want you to do when your member isn’t playing nice.

Hygiene, Body Care, and Clothing Selection

Manage your pre-date preparation in a fun, stress-free way. Discover the aspects of your appearance she’s paying attention to so you can select the right outfit for any kind of date.

Improve Your Orgasm 

Find out how much better every orgasm can be. Skyrocket your sensory experience for greater pleasure and deeper connection. Boost your bliss.

Activate Your Instinct

Develop your aptitude about her turn on. Don’t just memorize a sequence of moves.
Learn to learn her so you no longer need her to tell you what she wants in bed. Transcend touch.

Above and Beyond Benefits

  • Front row seat for the sought after Sex & Coffee Women’s Panel where women answer any question you have about datingsex, intimacy and touch. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!
  • Complimentary admission to guest speakers on topics related to touch, intimacy, and sex.
  • Certificate of completion to show off to future lovers! (no joke)

I have grown leaps and bounds in learning what women truly desire in their intimacy. It seems like being intimate is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and yet knowing what you want and not settling for anything less. Deep down we all desire to find a life partner where the intimacy and sex is truly amazing. I have that now with a woman I met during Elizabeth’s Art of Touch program. I had no idea it could be this good!



Special Bonus Sections

Ready for action? Sign up early and receive these indispensable extra modules at no additional cost!

  • Dating Profile Setup Tutorial
    Learn the tricks of the trade so you are putting your best self out there to meet women.
  • Mindset Hygiene for Online Dating
    Online dating can be tough! Rewire your brain so you don’t get frustrated and give up.
  • Waiting for Your Woman
    Don’t sit on the bench waiting to get in the game. Practice these specific skills while you’re attracting the woman of your dreams.

VIP Experience

For the man who wants to learn intimacy at light speed, the VIP Experience is the right way to go. Customized, personal support. More attention on you. A woman in your corner, cheering you on!

  • Weekly private coaching calls for 3 months to uplevel your intimacy game beyond belief.
  • Voicenote and text support as needed. Have a question between our weekly calls? Hit me up.
  • Customized confidence-building pep talk to listen to before you go on a date...or before you enter the bedroom.
  • Essential body care gift pack so you’re set up to look and feel amazing on your next date.

I didn’t have much intimacy with my ex-wife so I wasn’t sure how to get out there again and do the dating thing. Elizabeth showed me how to handle the stages of dating and intimacy so that I feel confident and present with the women I date now!


52, Denver

This is for men who:

  • Want more and better sex.
  • Are monogamous or polyamorous.
  • Want deeper intimacy with women.
  • Care about a woman’s pleasure and want to increase it.
  • Are divorced, dating, in relationship, or having casual encounters with women.
  • Want to become intuitive about how to touch women.
  • Want to find a lifetime companion who shares similar values. 
  • Have been in loveless marriages where there wasn’t much intimacy. 
  • Aren’t sure how the whole dating and intimacy thing works these days.

Before Art of Touch Program

After Art of Touch Program

Never sure whether and when you have a YES

Understand a woman’s verbal and nonverbal cues

Feel disconnected and uncertain in bed

Master the dance of touch and response

Second-guess yourself before and after intimacy

Feel confident she’ll call you back for more

Intimacy ends in disappointment

Give and receive incredible, unforgettable orgasms

Wait around hoping the next time will be different

Prepare yourself for the woman of your dreams!

Elizabeth’s desire to support men is clearly evident. She empathizes with what it’s like to be a man in the dating world, navigating the mysteries of what women want. Learning such specific ways for how to touch a woman feels like a real gift.


38, Boulder, CO