Sex & Coffee Women’s Panel

Join me for Sex & Coffee

Calling all women! A revolution is unfolding before our eyes.

The age of consent is here at last, and sex has never been sexier.

One Sunday morning every month, I moderate a volunteer-driven live panel called Sex & Coffee where men have the chance to ask women what they like, what they don’t, and what they want more of.

Empower yourself in this respectful & confidential container to release what you’ve been holding. Speak your truth. Contribute to our collective evolution in the bedroom and beyond.

I want YOU to participate in the revolution of open sex communication.

Feel safe. Feel open. Feel heard.

Here’s What Participants Are Saying About The Panel:

Ailaa, 43

Lafayette CO

To have been on the Women’s Panel was a real honor. It was amazing. We need to be having these conversations. They need to be mainstream; what we talk about openly. Knowing there are men that have the desire, the courage, and leadership to come and ask their questions to a group of women…that’s deep and humbling. Thank you men for showing and being raw.

Kevin, 52


The women’s panel was so real and so appreciated! The questions and answers and discussion back and forth…everything was so genuine. Thanks everybody for bringing themselves.

Brenda, 30

Boulder CO

This was really healing. It was healing to hear women illustrate what I realize I want more of in my own intimacy. And it means the world that men are looking into this - that’s healing too! I’ve struggled with sensuality and sexuality, and I’m really inspired that Elizabeth is doing this work that men want to give the best of themselves to women.