A Taste of Touch

Are you curious?
But not ready for the deep end quite yet?
Come dip your toes in the water and…

Become intuitive in the bedroom.


  • Feeling confident, present, and playful in the bedroom.
  • Pleasing a woman - and yourself - without worrying about it.
  • Being comfortable talking about touch and asking her what she wants.
  • Getting your own mind blown (and maybe more!) along the way.

Do You...

  • Feel pressure to perform? 
  • Wish she would reciprocate pleasure?
  • Wonder if she likes how you are touching her?
  • Second guess yourself or feel self conscious in the bedroom?

May I let you in on a little secret?

Many people think that we’re either good or bad at touch and sex without realizing it is a learnable skill.

Women want your touch.
They crave it.
She wants you to turn her on.

But here’s the deal: what you might think will turn her on isn’t how she gets aroused.

That’s where the Art of Touch comes in.

Have you ever received mixed messages from a woman in bed?
She seems to be enjoying herself, but then she closes her body off to you, moves away, or just lies there?

In this free monthly virtual class,
I’ll teach you the ABC’s of touch:
Arousal. Breath. Communication.

You’ll discover how to touch a woman the way she really wants to be touched.

So you feel comfortable with her in the bedroom and confident in yourself as a lover.

Join me for a special monthly masterclass.

Having a woman’s point of view in your corner is invaluable to your success, and that’s my gift to you. 

This masterclass will be free.

It is for men who:

  • Want more and better sex.
  • Are monogamous or polyamorous.
  • Want deeper intimacy with women.
  • Are dating, in a relationship, or keeping it casual.
  • Care about a woman’s pleasure and want to increase it.
  • Want to become intuitive about how to touch women.

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What men are saying about this masterclass:

I tried what I learned from Elizabeth with my girlfriend and it turned her on big time!!! I think a lot of guys can gain confidence and skills by watching this workshop. Me included.

- Dan, 62, Denver

What a refreshing look at touch and male/female lovemaking. Elizabeth has a very engaging and sway of talking and drawing you in to what she covers. I have always wanted to please my partner; this workshop showed me how.

- Mack, 71, Fort Collins

I learned specific takeaways that I can remember and use. Specifically, how to be aware of and in sync with a woman and how she wants to be touched. I also learned to have the courage to not worry about my performance. 

- Sam, 42, denver

Elizabeth’s workshop is awesome! She reveals the important role that men have in getting in sync with their partner. I look forward to learning more from her. 

- Roelof, 65 Capetown

I really enjoyed this workshop! It’s a great primer for some additional work. I have had some experience in somatic and tantric play and it was a very nice refresher on things to look for. 

- Steve, 36, Boulder

Elizabeth got right to the point which was refreshing! I’m always looking to improve and she validated that I am on the right track with my girlfriend. 

- Dan, 68, Wheatridge

I can’t think of a better woman to teach this than Elizabeth. She is articulate, specific, and excellent at describing how to get in the right headspace to please women.

Nathan, 35, British Columbia

Elizabeth’s desire to support men is clearly evident. She empathizes with what it’s like to be a man in the dating world, navigating the mysteries of what women want. Learning such specific ways for how to touch a woman feels like a real gift.

Ryan, 38, Boulder, CO