Consider me your ally in all things touch.

I’m Elizabeth Anneka and I have a confession. 

I love men. 

I love how hard you try and the deep desire you have to please women.

Together, we will navigate intimacy with women.

Whether you work with me one-on-one or as part of my group program, our sessions will be online or over the phone.

Wait, What?

I know it sounds strange. Learning about touch without, well, touching? Well, I guarantee you that the obstacle in your way is not in your hands, it’s in your head.

I promise to provide specific tips and tricks, confidence boosting suggestions, and an insider perspective you won’t get anywhere else.

Whether you are online dating, keeping it casual, or in a relationship, I will teach you to touch women the way they really, really, really want to be touched. 

This is not just for you, but for all the women out there yearning to have sexy intimate moments with you!

One of the best lovers I’ve had was someone I would never have guessed beforehand.
He was unassuming, bookish, and relatively inexperienced.
But he just knew how to get to the core of a woman’s pleasure…

...and that’s precisely what I intend to teach you.

Get in Touch.

It begins with a phone call. Your chance to see what it will be like. To map out our next steps forward.

This is not a ‘sales’ call. 

This is an invitation.

Are you ready to have what you want?


“Elizabeth showed me tools and insights that really work for me. I have had counseling related to dating and intimacy and none really seemed to hit home until the session with her. So many great things were discussed that I’m going to re-watch the recording of the session!”

Kevin, 52, Denver