Sex & Coffee

Women’s Panel

Sex & Coffee

Join me and a panel of beautiful women for an enlightening round-table discussion where you can ask these women anything you ever wanted to know about intimacy, pleasuring a woman and relationships. Our panel of women will share their experiences and insights in a safe, respectful, and confidential space.

Are you ready to join the quest?

Climb the mountain?

Find the pot of gold?

After so much hardship and disappointment, will you solve the dragon’s riddle?

Are you ready to discover the secrets to touching a woman exactly how she wants to be touched, and receiving her loving touch in return?

The answer lies within. And we're here to guide you in asking the right questions at the right time, in the right way.

I’d like to help you ask it.

The right way.

In the right time.

In the way you will be received.

The answer will surprise you.

One morning I woke from a great night of sleep in my partner’s arms with a realization.... Everyone I know loves sex, and everyone I know loves coffee. 

And so I asked myself, if chocolate and peanut butter snuggle so sweetly, and if strawberries make whipped cream that much creamier, why not explore more daring combinations? 

Let’s explore more daring combinations than just chocolate and peanut butter or strawberries and whipped cream.

Join us for a conversation about sex and relationships over coffee (not the other way around, sorry ;-)).

Our panel of courageous men and beautiful women will dive into the deep end of confidence, consent, and curiosity.

Here’s your chance to ask women what they want in a safe, confidential container and finally hear their answers.

From their own lips. 

In their own words. 

The secret will surprise you!

Sunday, June 2nd 2024 

10:30am-12pm mtn

On Zoom BYO Coffee

Admission Free with Registration

Because of the intimate nature of this event, there will be no replay.

Join us live for a life changing experience.