The Art of Touch Academy

Unlock the Power to Please

A 6 month journey to become the best lover you can be.


  • Knowing what she wants before she does.
  • Feeling confident, present, and playful in the bedroom.
  • Pleasing a woman-and yourself-without worrying about it.

Perhaps you…

  • Second-guess yourself or feel self-conscious when you're with her?
  • Feel unmet in the bedroom, where you try so hard to give pleasure but receive little in return? 
  • Think because every woman likes different things, it's impossible to know how to please them all?

I’m inviting you to a paradigm where incredible physical intimacy is yours forever.

The Art of Touch Academy is a one-of-a-kind course for every man who wants deep, fun, and fulfilling physical intimacy with a woman (or women!)

Bring out the best lover in both of you.

Become the bedrock of your bedroom...

  • Discover the things you have been overlooking in the bedroom that she really wants.
  • Rewire what you’ve been taught about what women want. (Hint: it’s not what you see in porn).
  • Learn how to help a woman feel safe, comfortable, and happy in your bed.
  • Explore how YOU like to be touched so your pleasure doesn’t take a backseat to hers.

Do you want more - and better - sex?

The Academy is For Men Who:

  • Are monogamous or polyamorous.
  • Care about a woman's pleasure and want to increase it.
  • Are divorced, dating, in a relationship, or having casual encounters with women.
  • Want to become intuitive about how to touch women.
  • Want to find a lifetime companion who shares similar values.
  • Have been in loveless marriages where there wasn't much intimacy.
  • Aren't sure how the whole dating and intimacy thing works these days.

After the Academy you'll know as much - or more - about how she likes to be touched as she knows herself!

I left the Academy being a confident King of Touch!! I am confident about how, where, and when to touch a woman’s body. I learned to create a powerful attraction and seduction before I go further with women. I feel like there are many more tools and creativity added in my toolbox and I definitely feel as if I’m a step ahead of other guys in knowing how to touch women.



What's included?

  • Signature step-by-step sequences to take you from confused to confident.
  • Specific advice for every stage of intimacy so you can give your woman the touch she craves.
  • Effective exercises to find, build, and hone your mindset, skills and confidence in the bedroom.
  • Curated home-play exercises are offered and encouraged for fun at-home embodied learning.
  • Front row seat for the sought after Sex & Coffee Women's Panel where women answer any question you have about dating, sex, intimacy and touch. You've got questions, we've got answers!
  • Complimentary admission to guest speakers on topics related to touch, intimacy, and sex such as Charisma, Tantra, Boundaries & Consent, Porn Addiction Recovery, and Healthy Masculinity.

The Academy was a safe space which allowed us (the men in it) to truly get to know each other, create friendships and support each other through the journey. The Women’s Panels were outstanding - an amazing highlight! The guest speakers came with a vast amount of knowledge on their topic and answered every damn question we could think of!!!

- Joe, 50yrs, indianapolis

What Else?

  • A woman's honest feedback so you can end the struggle of not understanding women.
  • Confidentiality is key. A Circle of Trust is created in this community of trustworthy men so you can exchange ideas, brag, vent, ask advice, and get support.
  • A private group text thread to stay connected and ask questions between classes.
  • Connection to a woman (me) who cares about you and wants you to ROCK your intimacy.
  • A certificate of completion to show off to future lovers! (no joke).

In the Art of Touch Academy, it really helped to hear the direct experience of other men. How they create intimacy with themselves and their partners, what works well for them and what doesn’t. It gives me more insight into my own approach.

- Art of Touch Graduate, 33yr, CO

Why the Academy Works

Art of Touch Academy graduates report having the best sex & intimacy of their lives.

Here’s why:

  • Science of learning principles are applied so you integrate the information easily.
  • Guided visualizations build brain synapses and improve neural wiring for improved intimacy effortlessly.
  • Bragging at the beginning of each class so that you build confidence each time we can celebrate your intimacy accomplishments.
  • Information is delivered experientially whenever possible so that you ‘get it’ in your body, not just in your head.
  • What you focus on improves. Making intimacy your focus for 6 months will do wonders!

  • Having an intelligent, embodied woman as your guide is a game changer. Feel the support of the healthy feminine as you learn how to be your best self with women.

Kevin, 52, Denver

I didn’t have much intimacy with my ex-wife so I wasn’t sure how to get out there again and do the dating thing. In the Art of Touch Academy, Elizabeth showed me how to handle the stages of dating and intimacy so that I feel confident and present with the women I date now!

Nuts & Bolts About Classes:

Classes are held live on Zoom for 3 weeks of each month with 1 class-free week for integration.

  • Classes are kept short for attention spans and information retention (1.5hr max).
  • Class times rotate so men from all time zones are accommodated (when necessary)
  • Group Q&A time is offered at the end of each class for you to ask your questions.
  • Replays of all classes are available for a limited time to deepen your learning.
  • When bonus classes are recorded, you get them for free!

I would never have dreamt I could have the incredible physical intimacy I had after the Academy! It just happened naturally with my new love. TheYour Academy took my head out of the sand and helped me and all facets of life.

- Dale, 62, nothern colorado

Here’s What We Cover:

Below is an example syllabus from the Art of Touch Academy. Each Academy is different because the content caters to the needs, desires, and challenges of the men in it.

Month 1

Initiation Into Intimacy

  • Claim your birthright to be brilliant in the bedroom. Set your intention and revisit it frequently so the upgrade you want is the upgrade you get. What kind of lover do you want to be?

Your Mindset as an Amazing Lover

  • Beliefs don’t seem like beliefs; they seem like reality. Re-wire your brain so your mind is working for you, cheering you at every stage of intimacy. Become your own best friend!

What Women Want

  • Women want to feel seen, safe, and sexy. Sounds so simple, right? Actually, it is. Achieve this elusive trifecta using words, actions, and attention to your advantage…and her excitement.

Month 2

Flirting with the Feminine

  • “Flirting is a promise of sexual intercourse without a guarantee.” - Milan Kundera Increase your success by prioritizing your own flirting preferences, not just her’s.

Boundaries and Consent

  • Does she want it? How far does she want to go? Am I making her uncomfortable? Questions that plague every man worth his salt. Learn a foolproof formula for making consent the sexiest part of your intimacy. Relax knowing that she wants you.

Sexual Safety

  • Stand out to your woman by initiating these (potentially awkward) conversations. Set yourself up for safe, enjoyable s*x by knowing how and when to talk about STDs and pregnancy.

Month 3

Carnal Communication

  • Master verbal and nonverbal communication so you feel confident you’re making contact when, where, and how she wants. Discover the questions and statements that crack open intimacy in an enlivening way.

Physics of Touch

  • Good touch is more than just skin to skin contact. Learn the principles so you excel at every stage of physical intimacy. Master the touch that makes her melt!

How to Kiss

  • Use location, communication, body position, and eye contact in your favor. Practice lip-tension techniques so you’re set up for the best kiss of her—and your—life! Plus: find out the simple ‘tell’ that will let you know she wants you to kiss her.

Month 4

Your Pleasure & How to Maximize It

  • You think a lot about her pleasure but have you ever stopped to consider yours? You matter. Knowing what kind of touch you enjoy matters. Join me on a journey to discover your favorite kinds of contact at each stage of intimacy.

Even Better Orgasms

  • Find out how much better every orgasm can be. Skyrocket your sensory experience for cosmic levels of pleasure and the deepest connection. Boost your bliss.

Dealing with ED

  • It happens to every guy at least once. Discover how to work with your body so it doesn’t ruin the mood. Embody confidence regardless of outcome. Learn what women want you to do when your member isn’t playing nice.

Month 5

Her Breath is Your Compass

  • What if there was a way to know what she wanted before she did? Give her the contact she craves without her even having to ask for it. Her breath will tell you everything you want to know about how she really wants to be touched.

Skin-to-Skin Experimentation

  • Don’t like playing the guessing game? Position yourself as the leader in the bedroom while learning her turn-on tells. I teach you this straightforward technique to get all the data you want about where she wants you to touch her next.

Activate Your Instinct

  • Develop your aptitude about her turn on. Don’t just memorize a sequence of moves. Learn to learn her so you no longer need her to tell you what she wants in bed. Transcend touch.

Month 6

The Magic Spots

  • Specific, tactical advice on where, when, and how to touch the essential parts of a woman’s body that almost all men ignore. Stop the guesswork and experience certainty. It’s not rocket science, I promise!

Going Down Undah

  • Distinguish yourself as her favorite Oral Operator of all time. Learn when - and how - to use your tongue so she’s beyond turned on and is begging you to go to the next base.

Penetration & Positions (aka How to F*ck)

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of intercourse. How your cock feels to her in the 3 main positions and which one to use when for your - and her - maximum pleasure.

“I have grown leaps and bounds in learning what women truly desire in their intimacy. It seems like being intimate is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and yet knowing what you want and not settling for anything less. Deep down we all desire to find a life partner where the intimacy and sex is truly amazing. I have that now with a woman I met during Elizabeth’s Art of Touch Academy. I had no idea it could be this good! 

- Dale, 62, CO

Before Art of Touch Academy

After Art of Touch Academy

Never sure whether and when you have a YES

Understand a woman’s verbal and nonverbal cues

Feel disconnected and uncertain in the bedroom

Master the dance of touch and response

Second-guess yourself before and after intimacy

Feel confident she wants you again and again

Physical intimacy ends in disappointment

Give and receive incredible, unforgettable orgasms

Wait around hoping the next time will be different

Prepare yourself for the woman of your dreams!

Elizabeth’s desire to support men is clearly evident. She empathizes with what it’s like to be a man in the dating world, navigating the mysteries of what women want. Learning such specific ways for how to touch a woman feels like a real gift.

- ryan, 38, boulder, CO


The Art of Touch Academy full price is $3333. Early bird price is $2222. Payment plans and a limited number of scholarships are available. Additional perks are in place for you when you invest at a higher level and add 1:1 calls!

Email me at for general inquiries. 

Book a call with me if you are interested in joining to discuss if the Academy is the right place for you! 

The Academy is my life’s work. It is my desire that all men who want to join it are able to. If the investment feels out of reach for you, set up a call so we can discuss options. I have superfun financing ideas for fellows who are highly motivated!

Elizabeth is talented at getting people out of their shell to talk about this stuff. One of the most enjoyable parts of the Academy was that I really felt comfortable with her. She is easy to get along with and very good at describing what women want in a way men understand.

- Dale, 62, CO

Who Am I?

I’m Elizabeth Anneka and I have a confession.
I love men.
I love how hard you try and the deep desire you have to please women.

Consider me your ally in all things touch.
Together, we will navigate physical intimacy with women.

One of the best lovers I’ve had was someone I would never have guessed beforehand. He was unassuming, bookish, and relatively inexperienced. But he just knew how to get to the core of a woman’s pleasure…

...and that’s precisely what I intend to teach you.

I promise to provide specific suggestions and an insider perspective you won’t get anywhere else. I will teach you to touch women the way they really, really, really want to be touched.
This is not just for you, but for all the women out there yearning to have sexy physical intimacy with you!

I deeply appreciate what we're learning from you. The content is extremely informative and the coaching is very deep and powerful.

- Joe, 63yrs, Colorado

We got through a major sticking point for me which was the realization that I have been too isolated in my own suffering and struggles. That piece of self love and self care is ultra important. Elizabeth, thank you for being a conduit to that connection.

Art of Touch Graduate, 33yrs, CO

This class was so helpful for me. I needed all of these ideas [about how to touch women] in my life. These fresh perspectives and practices were long overdue!

Art of Touch Graduate, 33yrs, CO

In the Art of Touch, it really helped to hear the direct experience of other men. How they create intimacy with themselves and their partners, what works well for them and what doesn’t. It gives me more insight into my own approach.

Art of Touch Graduate, 33yrs, CO

Oh, how I have grown by leaps and bounds in learning what the opposite sex truly desires in their intimacy. It seems like being intimate is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and yet knowing what you want and not settling for anything less. When it comes down to it, deep down we all desire to find a life partner where the intimacy and sex life is truly amazing. I have that now, thanks to Elizabeth’s Academy.

- Dale, 62yrs

Elizabeth’s style and method are very effective and helped me to refocus my energies. I definitely feel less burdened by things that have been with me for a while that have prevented me from intimacy with women.

- joe, 63yrs, colorado